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Succulent plants

Succulent plants come in a dazzling array of forms and colours. They are ideal plants for contemporary gardens and lifestyles.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2017


blueleaf plants has gathered together some very special succulent-themed Christmas gift ideas for your plant-loving friends and family. Go to our ETSY shop & choose from:
Some extra-special Sansevieria plants that are not yet widely available in the UK…
Succulent plant gift ideas for beginners or for succulentophiles…
Wonderful statement succulents for that special spot in your home
We are also delighted to be able to offer Gynelle Leon’s wonderful new beginner’s guidebook to cactus & succulents – ‘Prick’. To see extracts from Gynelle’s book, browse the PDF files below.

Prick: Contents (438kb PDF), Repotting (184kb PDF), Diagnosing the Problem (201kb PDF), Light and Temperature (394kb PDF)

As featured in Gardens Illustrated

Gardens Illustrated magazine ‘The Plant Issue 2016’ has a six page spread on succulents featuring photographs of pots and plants by blueleaf plants – they look absolutely amazing.

Come & see blueleaf plants

blueleaf plants attends plant fairs and other events in London and the south-east throughout the year. Check to see if we’ll be near you this Summer!